Tutorial: My Go To 3 Minute Eye

Hi my loves!

I am so sorry this is going up late! I got very sick all of a sudden today and my brother surprised us by coming over for dinner (which was so much fun!), so I wasn’t able to get this up before now:)

For this tutorial I’ve decided this time to just swatch and show you the colors for this look as it’s very simple, and pictures when you’re sick just aren’t flattering for anyone:) As mentioned in the title this is one of my go-to eye looks as it blends senselessly and the colors just look beautiful. Also, the fact that it only takes minutes to create is amazing. The colors go together really well already and requires very little blending work.

Im using only shadows from the Lorac Pro Palette, but if you don’t own that I’m sure you’ll have colors that are similar to achieve the same look. I’m honestly in love with this palette. The colors are just like butter and feel so so smooth when you apply them! I can’t get enough of them!

I used Lt. Pink, Mauve, and Pewter:


I use Lt. Pink as my all over base color. It looks really light on the eye, but I find that it really brightens things up when paired with the other two colors. This color is so smooth to apply and covers really well:)


I then take Mauve and blend it all over in my crease all the way to my inner as well on a big fluffy brush. It’s a lighter color so I do go over it a couple times to achieve the color I want.


Finally, I put Pewter into just the very outer corner of my lid. I think it gives it an extra bit of dimension to the eye and it looks absolutely beautiful paired with Mauve.


I hope you like these colors! Come back soon as I’ll be posting a Halloween look on Sunday:)

I’m crossing my fingers I feel better soon and these posts won’t only be swatches! I did post a picture on my Instagram of this eye shadow look as well if you want a picture to see– I’m at Mandarie_14 there.


10 thoughts on “Tutorial: My Go To 3 Minute Eye

    1. That’s what I love about it too! It’s the every day colors I use but gives so many options to create new looks:) I have a full post on this palette as well that shows all the swatches if you want me to see more!
      Thank you so much for the nomination:) That’s so sweet of you!

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