Meet My Baby!

Hello loves! So, things have definitely changed since I was on here last. I am still kicking myself I didn’t keep up with my weekly bump updates. The time just absolutely flew by! But– I am back and not going to miss posting about other big things that are happening 🙂 Let’s get to the … More Meet My Baby!

Bumpdate: Week 31

Hello loves! This week held one of my most favorite memories of pregnancy so far– my baby shower! It was so wonderful to have everyone gathered to celebrate this little man and see all the love that’s already here waiting for him:) My Mom hosted the shower for me and it was really relaxed for … More Bumpdate: Week 31

Full Kitchen Reno

Hello loves! So, in our baby prep craziness we decided we should get the kitchen reno done before the baby comes, because we knew construction, and all the mess that goes along with it wasn’t going to mix well with a new mama and baby. Our kitchen before was, I believe, all original just with … More Full Kitchen Reno

Bumpdate: Week 10

Hello loves! This week threw a new curve at me: gagging when I brush my teeth. It is something I had heard happening, but was hoping to avoid because, well, who wants to have that happen when you are trying to clean your mouth?! It was all of a sudden really warm this week, so … More Bumpdate: Week 10