Blogmas Day 3: Mama Monday- Holiday Traditions

Hello loves,

Holiday traditions are so special and important to me, so I thought I would share some of the traditions my family does during Christmas. I cannot wait to have Liam grow up with these memories and have the holidays feel cozy, and happy for him. Some of these are so simple, but they are the things I look forward to year after year. Having Liam has made me remember the ‘magic’ that is Christmas and how the small things are sometimes what we remember the most.

Every year since Zach and I have been married I order us some sort of matching pajamas for us to get on Christmas Eve. Most of the times it’s just pajama pants from Old Navy because it’s the most budget friendly, but Target has had some really good options as well. You’ll see this years pjs later on:)

What we simply call “Cookie Baking” in my family. I cannot remember a year when I was little that I didn’t get together with my cousins and aunts to make/decorate cookies. We have pictures of us when we were all 2-5 just using sprinkles and decorating the sugar cookies, to being older picking out new cookies to make with our moms, and just spending the day together. As I mentioned in my previous post, we also watch White Christmas while we bake. We all know all the songs by heart and end up singing them.

Ornaments are another one tradition of ours–but I think many people have this one as well. Santa brings each of us a new ornament with our name and the year on it that matches every one else. I know have enough of them that I can fill a whole tree with just our yearly ornaments. Hopefully Liam will enjoy this as well.

A new one we are beginning this year is going to cut down our own Christmas tree. Liam was only 3 months old for Christmas last year, so he wouldn’t have done well doing this, but I am so looking forward to it this year. Hopefully he will get to have this be something he looks forward to.

Finally, my mom and I would read a book called The Reindeer Christmas on Christmas Eve before bed. We have obviously needed to find other time for several years, but I loved that quiet time just the two of us before the chaos that is always Christmas morning. I haven’t decided if Liam and I should have our own book, or if we should just borrow it from my Mom.

What are some of your traditions?



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