Blogmas Day 2: Toddler Christmas Tree

Hello loves,

This year I have made Liam his very own Christmas tree. Sounds a bit unnecessary, but I promise it makes sense. I have done this mostly because I’m hoping it will save my ‘pretty’ tree from a toddler, but a small part because it’s cute. 🙂 I’ve hung it up in the living room so it can be a quick redirection for him.


I did this whole tree for about $9 at Michael’s. If he was older I would’ve gone a bit more overboard and put bows on the presents and a face on the snowman, but I know he would then just spend his time picking things apart instead of playing 🙂

What you need:

  • Large piece of Green felt
  • Felt sheets of assorted colors for ornaments
  • Command picture hanging strips
  • Scissors


  1. Trace and cut out your Christmas tree shape. My tip for those of you us who cannot just go in with scissors right away: use a Sharpie to trace out your design, or just use it capped and still draw your pattern onto the felt. The felt will will show the line you’ve made with the cap 🙂
  2. Use command picture handing strips to hang the tree on the wall and prevent little toddler hands from doing damage when the “accidentally” pull it down.
  3. Use your other felt pieces to cut out ornaments, lights, a star, presents, snowmen, or anything else you can think of.
  4. Put decorations into the tree and play!


This is a winner so for me because Liam has been playing with it constantly!


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