Mama Mondays: What Liam Eats in a Day

hello loves!

I love reading these posts and thought it would be fun to do one for my newly one year old son, Liam. He goes to daycare during the week for what I now call “second breakfast”, lunch and snack, so this is from this past weekend. As an FYI before reading: He does eat quite a bit for his age, so these may not ‘normal’ one year old portions. 🙂


breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and toast with cream cheese with milk

lunch: half a tortilla wrap: chicken, cheddar cheese, and mayo with water

snack: teddy grahams and milk

dinner: mac n cheese, mandarin oranges and milk


breakfast: out for breakfast at Original Pancake House– three kiddo sized pancakes and milk

lunch: mangos, cheese slices, turkey and water

snack: fruit pouch and water

dinner: chicken, green beans, with oranges and milk


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