I Miss Blogging.

Hello my loves! I feel like I’ve lost my groove for getting these posts up for you:( Having the time to sit down and talk with you guys, get whatever is in my head out, and just creating these fun connections is something that I really, truly love. Knowing that I have a group of … More I Miss Blogging.

Couples 123 Tag:)

Hello loves! Zach and I filmed the Couples 123 Tag earlier this week and it went up on our YouTube channel just a couple days ago:) You can watch it by clicking here. Here are the questions we answered: if your husband/wife could be married to a movie star who would it be? If your husband/wife … More Couples 123 Tag:)

Quick Update:)

Hello loves! I just wanted to make a post really quickly here and let you all know why I’ve been gone for a bit. I am currently going to be starting day 10 straight at work tomorrow and haven’t had any time to get all of these things done:( We are required to work 6 … More Quick Update:)

This or That Tag:)

Hello my loves! I decided to do this tag the the wonderful Taylor tagged me in since I don’t have all my pictures done quite yet, but don’t worry that will be going up next weekend:) The rules of the tag: Say who tagged you Select one this or that for all your subscribers to … More This or That Tag:)