Mama Monday: 1 Year Old Schedule

Hello loves!

Today I thought I would share what a typical Liam Day looks like during the week. When he was an infant I was checking every month or so to see what a normal day would look like for other babies around his age, but now I’ve come to realize there is no normal, and every kiddo is going to get into their own rhythm and routine. I do still enjoy looking at these, but more out of curiosity about other people’s days than anything else. 🙂 This is what our days typically look like Monday- Friday.

6:00 Liam wakes up and alerts us through his fake baby cough that he’s ready to begin his day.

6:15 Breakast. Normally a breakfast muffin or a couple eggs. Something quick and easy.

6:30-7 Mama gets ready with Liam’s help of course. There’s a bit of play time thrown in here so I normally don’t finish by 7:00

7-7:20 Make my breakfast and coffee to go on the drive to daycare, finish makeup or getting dressed (aka anything Liam put an end to earlier because it wasn’t exciting. Sometimes I get it all done and we have a bit of cuddle/play time before leaving

7:25/30-7:45 Drive to daycare. There he does breakfast with the other kids at 8, lunch at 11:30, and snack between 2-3:00.

4:30 Pick up time!

4:30-5:00 Driving home. Sometimes fastber but it’s normally just before 5:00 when we are out of the car.

5-5:30 I will make dinner while Liam plays with Dad or the opposite.

5:30-6:15 Dinner and playtime before bath

6:15-6:40ish Bathtime and bedtime routine.

6:45/7:00 Liam puts himself to bed in the crib. There are nights it takes longer, so he has time to wind down. Today for example we was up until about 7:15.

The rest of the night is catch up on household stuff, or just relaxing when possible! Hope you’ve all had a good start to your week!



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