Weekday Go To Hairstyles

Hello loves!

So this post in for all of you who take about 35 seconds to think about your hair in the morning. Most days I am running around with Liam in the morning trying to get us both out the door on time, and my hair is the thing I think the least about. I’m the person who will have a full face of makeup and hair that looks like its been slept in–and some days it truly is šŸ™‚

First tip is that dry shampoo is an absolute necessity in my world. It solves flat hair days, and helps make that last hair day before a shampoo look worlds better. Ha! So, lets dive in, these are my 5 go to hair styles for the week that take less than 2 minutes.

  1. The top knot. Feel like this doesn’t need any explanation as to why its #1. It’s as simple as: flip your hair upside down, gather at the crown of your head, and twist! I add a bobby pin to each side and one to catch the baby hairs in the back and I’m good to go.
  2. A side braid. This is normally a go to on a day that I have just showered and my hair is either dried and not styled, or still drying šŸ™‚ Its super easy to achieve and i think that the looser, and messier it gets throughout the day almost makes it look better. It’s not meant to be a perfect braid, or french braid, so however it falls works.
  3. The low bun. This is what I think of as my Clinique hair–we had to always have it up if it was longer than our shoulders, and at that time mine was always longer. This was my go to during those days. Again– just gather hair at base of your hairline and either twist into a bun, or create a ‘messy bun’ and just get it all in a hair tie.
  4. Beach-y waves. Obviously a hair washing day decision. I love the Not Your Mothers sea salt spray or the Kristin Ess sea salt spray. Both $10 or under at Target. I will say though you should be light handed the first time using the Kristin Ess one though as the first time I used I ended up using waaaay too much and my hair felt very heavy and waxy.
  5. A Messy Ponytail. This is a dirty hair style for me. I spray some dry shampoo all over, pull it up into a high ponytail and add a bit more dry shampoo to give the ‘tail’ some texture. This one is meant to look messy, so no matter how it looks you’re good to go.


Hope this helps some of you get out the door quicker in the morning! Do you have any go to styles I’ve missed?



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