Top 5 Things You Need After Baby Arrives

Hello loves!

Today’s post is all about the must haves/essentials for those first few weeks after having your baby. None of this is sponsored, just my honest opinion, and advice I would have wanted while prepping for Liam.

  1. Lanolin! If you are breastfeeding your newborn this is product a need. I would not have survived those first couple weeks of breastfeeding without this product. As soon as I started to feel any irritation, or dryness I would start applying after each feeding. All I would do is put a layer on after each feeding and honestly within a few hours I could tell a difference. I found that if I applied the Lanolin right after a feeding it would absorb well enough that by the time Liam was ready to eat again it wouldn’t cause any latching issues for him. I used: Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Tube from Target for around $9. Seriously. Buy this. Your already sleep deprived, new mama self will thank you.
  2. Boppy Nursing Pillow. While my husband thought I was nuts bringing this to the hospital with me–boy was I glad to have it. First of all, you’re in a hospital bed learning how to feed a person from your body; not the ideal comfort spot for new Mama’s. Second, you’re maneuvering a lot trying to support you new Little One that arm exhaustion wasn’t something I wanted to think about. The hospital does give you lots of pillows if needed, but your body has gone through so much that the first 1 am feeding is going to be rough enough. I was able to just leave this wrapped around my stomach all night while a slept and it made feeding Liam so, so much easier. It also helped me with the cluster feeding because I was able to completely relax my arms while feeding him.
  3. SwaddleMe Original swaddles. Honestly, Liam hated these for a solid month or so, but as soon as he adjusted to them, and not just using a blanket, he slept much better. He was able to simply eat, fall asleep, and then go back into his bassinet all night long. We were able to put him down in our room to sleep while we got an hour or so of much needed quiet time 🙂 Buy extras–Liam would go through several diapers a night at this point, and sometimes his diaper would leak onto the swaddle and it only took one time where we didn’t have a new one to put him in to learn out lesson. 2 packs are around $25 are Target, but you can find them on sale.
  4. Splurge and get yourself some new lounge clothes. I lived in a few new sweaters/cardigans and pregnancy leggings. I had Liam in the fall so I got some new sweatpants, pajamas, and cozy tops that I could nap in as well as still feed Liam easy with. I devoted one drawer in my dresser to these things during my last week or so of pregnancy and I’m so glad I took that time to get that ready for myself.
  5. Nursing overnight/sleep bras. I used the Motherhood Maternity ones and just took out the padding, but I also really love the Gilligan & O’Malley nursing tank. I got them in several colors and still use them consistently. You can find these at Target for $20.


Hope this helps out some of you new mamas or Mamas-to-be!


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