What I learned about Newborns and Sleep


Hello loves!

This again is a topic I have been diligently reading about since having Liam. I read so much about how he was developing that I didn’t really spend much time thinking about life after he was born. I knew it would be hard. I knew I would be exhausted. I knew some of the ‘normal’ after working with kiddos and from previous experience with babies. What I didn’t know is anything about the temperament of my baby other than when he would wake up and wiggle around while I was pregnant.

After Liam was born the nurses told me to expect him to cluster feed the second night for hours and to really not expect much sleep that night. That was really the only conversation that was had about what to expect for his sleeping schedule. What I have come to realize is that there is no normal when it comes to babies and sleep. There are literally thousands of articles telling you how people got their babies to sleep through the night after 3 weeks, or 8 weeks, or sleeping in their crib and not in your room. You name it–there is an article for it. Some of this may work for you and your little one, but your baby is not the baby they are writing about. I had always been told swaddling works wonders when babies are upset and to help them sleep. Well. Liam hated his swaddle. It did not calm him down, and it certainly wasn’t going to be helping him sleep. Somewhere around week 6 I tried it again after he had been super upset and bam. He loved it.

That is what I learned: As long as baby is healthy and gaining weight. What you have is normal. Whatever it may look like. Maybe baby is up from 2-3 am a few nights. Normal. Sleeping for 3 hours and waking up to eat right on schedule. Normal. Cluster feeding through the night. Normal. You are the Mama and you know your baby best. Ask for suggestions and help if you need it, but don’t feel like there is something wrong if baby isn’t on the schedule you think they “should” be at.

For me, the priority right now is making sure he knows I’m there for him and developing that trust and bond. If he needs to fall asleep while I hold him some night, or needs to hold my hand at 3:00 am to get back to sleep that’s what I’m going to do. Sleep training can come slowly and isn’t something to drive yourself crazy with early on. 🙂



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