What I Packed in My Hospital Bag

Hello loves!

While I was pregnant I read SO many different posts from people about what to pack in a bag for delivery, aka ‘Your Hospital Bag’. I found pins on Pinterest, read recommendations other people made on Facebook, and read lots of different blog posts. Some of them seemed pretty over the top to me, while some had hardly anything listed You can find people who bring two bags– One for baby and one for them, and lists where the mother said all she brought was one going home outfit for baby and her toothbrush and toothpaste. I like to think that my list in somewhere in the middle. If you’re expecting a little one I really hope this helps!

My doctor told me to start working on getting my bag packed at around my 34 week appointment, or somewhere close to there 🙂 I asked her what she recommended bringing and she said the hospital will provide everything I need for baby, (which I also got to see on our hospital tour–so take notes on what they provide for you in the room) and everything I would need for my postpartum care. She suggested getting the nursing tank tops from Target (which are available here) as that is what she used the most after her babies arrived. That’s really about all I got for suggestions because everything else was apparently there for me.

So. This is what I ended up packing:

For Me:

  • Pajamas. I packed some button up pajama tops that I could use as a layer over the tanks if I got cold. I also packed some bottoms, but I now laugh at myself thinking about having the energy to fully change and get ready for bed like that so quickly after delivery
  • Nursing tanks. I got mine from Target (per my doctors advise) and are really the best. They are a little bit thicker so they help kind of ‘hold things in’ around  the tummy and actually give me great support.
  • Sweaters. This was the best thing that I could have packed for myself. I picked out a couple baggy, super soft sweaters that I could layer over the tank tops while we had visitors and I actually just ended up just sleeping with them on.
  • Slippers. I didn’t use these much to be honest because they gave me the super cute hospital socks with the gripped bottoms 😉 They were nice to have next to my bed for middle of the night trips to the bathroom, and getting up to change diapers.
  • Going home clothes. Enough said. I ended up having leggings and a flannel to wear, which I thought would be great for the end of September, but the day we went home it was in the 80s… Liam and I were both over dressed to say the least.
  • Hygiene products. Bring whatever you think you need/want.
    • toothbrush/toothpaste
    • deodorant
    • contacts/glasses
    • makeup
  • Charger for your phone
  • Snacks! The only thing I will put an exclamation point next to. We talked about his during our birthing classes and I am SO glad the doula teaching talked with us about this. You can only oder food during meal times and you are going to be hungry. Promise. We packed per the doula’s suggestion snacks that I thought sounded good during the first trimester as sometimes people get nauseous during labor. So we had: fruit snacks, microwave pastas, soups, mashed potatoes, and whatever Zach wanted to have on hand because meals weren’t included for him.

For Baby:

  • Two Sleepers/ whatever you’d like baby to sleep in. Our hospital had a couple onesies and a Halo sleep sack that we could use, but being a first time mom, and someone who loves baby clothes I of course packed him some pajamas. I brought one 3M and 2 Newborn sized sleepers.
  • Cozy blanket. Liam is apparently very similar to me in his desire to be toasty warm and cozy all the time:) He loved being in a fuzzy blanket and we ended up buying an extra one from the store because he likes it so much.
  • Swaddles/flannel blankets. These I didn’t end up using at all to be honest. The hospital gives you a baby blanket that’s a bit bigger and swaddles them really well. Also, the second night babies don’t usually sleep all that soundly, so he wasn’t swaddled much anyways.
  • Daytime clothes. This is totally personal preference, but I knew we would have visitors and they would want to take pictures of him. So, I packed one extra outfit in addition to his going home clothes for that purpose. The hospital actually offered an in room mini photo session, so I can see the benefit for those pictures too if you’d like to do that.
  • Going home outfit. Which we actually didn’t end up using 😦 He was in his pajamas and we saw the pediatrician right before we were leaving and I didn’t want to wake him just so that he could wear specific clothing in the car.


Hope this helps any expectant Mamas!
PS- take any extra things from the hospital that you can! 😉




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