Bumpdate: Week 31

Hello loves!


This week held one of my most favorite memories of pregnancy so far– my baby shower! It was so wonderful to have everyone gathered to celebrate this little man and see all the love that’s already here waiting for him:) My Mom hosted the shower for me and it was really relaxed for the most part. We played a couple games–which I did miserably at. I don’t know all the old nursery rhymes as well as I would’ve said I did ha!

I still have no stretch marks that I can see, and I did make Zach check my tummy recently because I cannot see all of it anymore:) I’ve been using Palmer’s Coco Butter every day, twice a day, for quite a while now. It’s the only one that I can stand the smell of. I tried the Burt’s Bees lotion, but I just didn’t like the scent at all.

My belly button in still ‘in’ although my doctor is very interested that it has seemed to just have disappeared instead of popping out like most do. Wedding rings are still on, and all my shoes still fit thankfully. I have noticed that my feet can start to feel a bit puffy if I’ve been on them for too long during the day, but that’s about it for swelling. Food wise, nothing really for cravings or aversions that are new. I still can’t stand plain eggs though. I’m still having lots of fruit and trying to eat as healthy as I can, while still enjoying all of the carbs and cheese that I love 😉 I’m mostly comfortable during the day, but sleeping is really starting to get difficult. It just completely depends on the night if I will sleep well, or if it will be a tossing and turning night. I think I’ve developed a habit of about every other night is good, and the one night is good because I’m so tired from the night before my body just does what it needs to haha.

Cute baby moments: I love that I can feel little hiccups. I wasn’t sure that is what it was to begin with, but now I can tell it’s definitely hiccups. I can see the little pulsing on my stomach when he has them. He’s also becoming much more sensitive to changes. If I sneeze, shift in the night, eat certain things, or have light near my tummy he reacts to it. I know I’m going to miss the little baby kicks, so I am trying to soak them up as much as I can.

We head off on our last family vacation this weekend before we will have him along with us, and I can’t wait. I’m in need of some relaxation time, and a couple days of worrying about nothing but when my next snack will be. 🙂 Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!



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