Bumpdate: Week 10

Hello loves!

This week threw a new curve at me: gagging when I brush my teeth. It is something I had heard happening, but was hoping to avoid because, well, who wants to have that happen when you are trying to clean your mouth?! It was all of a sudden really warm this week, so we were able to pretend spring was here, and be outside with Nora for a bit.

IMG_1112Baby is as big as a: Kumquat and is just about an inch long

Cravings: Oranges! You guys I can’t get enough of them. I eat 2-3 cuties at a time haha

Mood: Happy, but I have absolutely no energy.

Movements: No.

Symptoms: Nausea:( I’ve been using Preggie Pops pretty frequently now and they make things so so much better!! My clothes are definitely not fitting as well because of all of the bloating, but I’ve been managing just fine.

Highlight of the week: We took Nora to see her biological sister this weekend! It was one of the cutest things ever. The couple who adopted her sister reached out to us, and it was crazy to see how similar they were. (And made us feel better as she doesn’t do well on walks either!) We also got new toothbrushes to try and help with this whole nausea and gagging while I brush situation!



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