Bumpdate: Weeks 5-9

Hello loves!

We’re expecting and couldn’t be happier! This whole portion of the pregnancy we kept to ourselves and wanted to wait until we had confirmation from our 8 week appointment. I took a pregnancy test in the middle of the day on a Saturday when Zach was off at work (not the best idea I’ve ever had sine he was going to be gone for several more hours…) and keeping that to myself just to be able to tell him in person was excruciating! We found our right at 4 weeks I believe, and then waiting an additional month before the appointment was so hard! Here is a little recap of how things have been going so far:

Baby is as big as a: Lentil-Grape (I think??)

Cravings: Spicy things and oranges. I went absolutely nuts in the produce section and got oranges, strawberries, bananas, and a couple other things as well. Zach had to real me back in and ask how much of this I really thought I’d eat before it goes bad. Good news: I ate all of it haha

Mood: Beyond excited, but anxiously awaiting confirmation from our first OB appointment.

Movements: Definitely not. Ha ha!

Symptoms: I was so tired at this point it was difficult for me to drag myself into bed. I was falling asleep no later than 8:30 every night and still waking up tired. Nora came to keep me company most of the time, and she now knows when I ask her if she’s ready to go she hops up from her napping spot and curls up on the bed with me:) My boobs hurt soo00 bad! This was one of my very first symptoms. They just became so sensitive and in a way that was definitely different than any other normal menstrual symptom. Nausea was also a bad one for me. I thankfully was never actually sick, but the feeling of being on the verge for hours a day takes its tole. I found Preggie Pops at Target and they worked like magic for me.

Highlight of the week: Finding out we were expecting and seeing our little one for the first time on an ultrasound:) We had confirmation that there was just one in there, and that it looked very healthy and growing right on track. Lots of emotions were happening during this time, but the secret of knowing was very special for us.

Bump: I will put all the weeks here in order 🙂

Week 5:


Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:


Week 9:

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