Blogmas Day 4: Cookie Baking!

Hello loves!

Today is cookie baking day! My mom and I filmed this last year– If you’d like to watch you can see it here. <–

My all time favorite christmas cookie is technically called a Peanut Butter Blossom. However, this doesn’t sound christmas-y to me at all so I just call them Peanut Butter Kisses:) They are delicious and you can find the recipe on the bag of almost any Hershey Kiss bag right now.

We also really like Spritz cookies. They aren’t everyones favorite, but I LOVE to use my Spritz press and they look really pretty. However, this year I ended up break it 😦 I am so sad you guys! Thankfully my mom bought the same one as mine, and we have it as a backup for later when we make them again.

This year was a bit of a bust… we did much better last year, but still it’s the fun of us baking together and the time that is the most important.

I made extra cookies today and I think they look delicious 🙂


Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!



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