Blogmas Day 2: Our Christmas Tree

Hello friends!


Welcome back for Day 2! Today is all about our Christmas tree. Yes, that may seem a bit odd, but there is actually a lot of history that goes onto our tree:)

I love to decorate with a theme. Whether that is all red, creams, neutral colors, whatever it may be, but we always add in a few special ornaments to make it feel more like us. Both of our families have a tradition of getting personalized ornaments each year. Each ornament we are given has our names and the year written on them. We have two ornaments from our wedding day, and then a ‘first christmas in our new home’ from last year that I found. I love that these big life moments are up there along with all the other ones we have accumulate over the past 26 years.

The people who get props from me are the people who can just slap their ornaments up on the tree and be completely satisfied with it. I have to stand back and look at it about every 4-5 ornaments I put on to be sure they are spaced out well enough… I hope that when I have children and they want to decorate the tree I will get over this! 🙂

Some of our favorites:

Given to us our first christmas we were married from my parents.
The same Christmas, but from Zach’s parents 🙂
Christmas perfection: Red, white and glitter.
My very first ornament 🙂

Do you have any similar traditions in your family?

See you tomorrow!


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