Tip Tuesday: How Much H2O??

…On a Thursday:)

So, I’ve just come to terms with really how much water I should be drinking. I know we are all supposed to be drinking enough, but I really wasn’t the best at doing it. Hopefully I’m not alone in this:) For me I think part of my issue was thinking that 8 glasses of water sounds super annoying and like a lot. When we start to think about it in terms of ounces it makes it more attainable for me.

What I’ve been doing in having my goal to drink half my body weight each day. For example, if you weight 150 pounds you should be aiming for 75 ounces of water each day. I’ve found that if I get one of those large smart water bottles and I drink two a day that gets me pretty close to my goal. Just filling something up once during the day kind of plays a trick of my brain to keep me going.

I challenge you to try and do this with me! I noticed such a difference after doing this for a couple days and I’m sure that I will continue to notice more:) I felt more awake, my skin was happier, and I didn’t get the desire to snack as much as I normally do. I think I’m one of those people who grab something to eat when your body is really telling you it needs water– oops! Also, as an added bonus water helps to increase your metabolism! Yay for feeling great on the inside and out:)

Hope you’ve all day a good week:) See you wonderful people tomorrow!



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