Life Update: August 2016

Hello loves!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I have posted on here! I’ve missed it so so much. I have lots and lots of posts ready to go, but I just don’t have the pictures ready for them šŸ˜¦

Here is what’s coming for you:

  • My travel essentials
  • OOTD from our trip to Ireland
  • Puppy one year old update
  • How to/Crafting a wreath for all 4 seasons
  • Skincare update
  • Ireland travel trips
  • 5 minute summer makeup
  • August favorites
  • and much more!

Zach and I have has quite a busy summer, and it seems as thought it’s only been here for about 5 minutes! We’ve been watching the Olympics quite a bit, and trying to spend more time with family. Things in our personal life have been a rollercoaster of emotions to be honest. So, I’m back going at this. Doing something I love and putting all of my extra time into blogging.


This is a picture of our little family from the 4th of July at my family’s cabin. We had so much fun with Nora exploring for the first time there, and we learned that she’s not quite as excited about lakes as we thought we would be:) Long story short– she took a dive right of the dock and wasn’t expecting to have to swim…

I’m off to try and get a post finished for tomorrow!


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