Weekly Round Up: The End of April

Hello loves!

Welcome back! Today is the first day of May and all I hear in my head when I think of the first of May is Justin Timberlake’s meme saying, “It’s gonna be May!” haha! Hope you all know what I’m talking about when I say that– otherwise I did tweet it out earlier this morning. I’m @Mandarie14 there 🙂

A cute puppy picture– just because:)

This has been crazy week! It was a much needed weekend of just relaxing, spending time with family, and of course writing posts and working on the vlog 🙂 Saturday we went to the Minnesota Twins game which was so so much fun as it was my first game of the season, but it was just so cold! A few weeks ago it was around 80 all weekend, and today (Sunday) I’m currently writing this outside on our deck, but yesterday was only in the upper 50s. I was very happy for my long pants and fuzzy windbreaker that I put on. I wore my Sperry’s and my tootsies got quite chilly though. Zach and I have also been doing what we call Shake Saturday, where we go to Sonic for their half off shakes after 8 pm. Not so good for us, but its delicious and a really fun date/relaxing time for us.

At the MN Twins game on Saturday.

Today has been quite lazy–which I love. I’m mostly just so excited that it’s warmer out! Starting May off with a nice, sunny day is much needed after all the rain and gloomy days we have been having. I’ve been taking lots of pictures for posts to go up, getting work done outside, and then I think we may be heading to the hardware store to look at some potters for us to plant some flowers and peppers into. Guess which of us has what goal in mind;) haha!


You can always catch up with us more here on our daily vlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf0yGs0VplvAmva8DjN5MVQ

See you all soon!



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