Ramblings of a 20 Something

Hello loves!

So much has been going on in life lately that I wanted to just sit down, and soak it all in, reflect, and really just get everything out. Hopefully you all will relate to some of this, or have felt that same way at one point or another:)

First things first. I’m kind of over trying to figure out life. Let’s just start with the basics here. So, I’m 25. Almost 26. I don’t have life figured out at all (which I’m honestly okay with at this point). I feel like when I was younger, and I saw people who were my age I thought that they had everything figured out. They were living the dream. I thought that, essentially, if you had a job you were good. Things were okay. Ha! Biggest joke ever. I am now at that grown up age where life was supposedly all figured out and my life is constantly confusing.

So, here is the run down of what’s been happening in my crazy, wonderful life:)

The biggest, and most exciting, news is that I am going to Ireland June 1st! I cannot wait:) However this brings up all the things that come along with big travel plans. I need to get my passport updated with my new last name, figure out how we are going to handle driving on the roads backwards, and pack for a week and a half in one suitcase! This has been a wish/hope of mine since I was in the 2nd grade, so it is honestly a dream come true for me.

Our puppy, Nora, just hit 6 months old just a couple weeks ago. Since she was a rescue we really will never know her official birthday, but it’s pretty darn close. We have just completed her level one obedience training, and she’s made huge strides. However, she is still a little puppy and has very high energy. I cannot even say how much I love this little girl, but she can definitely test your patience. I’ve heard it takes about a year or so for them to calm down– what are you experiences? At this point I can’t imagine life without her, and what it was like before we got her.

I’ve accepted a new position at work, and I’m so excited about it! It’s much more of a leadership role and I can’t wait to tackle all these new challenges:) I don’t want to say too much about this just because of the nature of my job, but I am still so excited. This is also a perfect example of how I thought people who were ‘adults’ and had jobs were the  ones who had their lives together. I’ve found its much more of stumbling around, being able to laugh at ourselves, and know that everyone you work with is stumbling too:) hah!

Zach and I are approaching our 2 year anniversary this summer. We have gone through so, so many changes in these two years and I like to think that we have handled them really well. I would say that most of the changes have been good changes though. We have gone from living with my parents, to our first apartment, to purchasing our first home together. We obviously have a puppy now, and are making it though puppyhood (just with much less sleep). We are exhausted, and both working like crazy, but at the end of the day we are always each other’s best friend. We learned something in our marriage prep class that has always stuck with us: Your partner has to be your ‘you and always’. Essentially, it’s a reminder that in every situation you find yourself in, you make your partner be the ‘you’ that you’re choosing to experience things with, always. It’s super simple thing, but helps you always reflect on how you handle things with your significant other.

This weekend I set myself up a goal of getting all my laundry done, organizing a bit downstairs, and vacuuming the upstairs. None of that happened. I spend Saturday seeing a moving, and spending time with my Mom. Zach and I took Nora to her final puppy school class, and then took her to the park, and had dinner with his family. It was very much a family/lazy couple time weekend for Zach and I. Again. I laugh at myself for thinking that when you hit a certain age and you have life together. I could be super annoyed with myself for not getting all of that done, but I’m not. I chose to spend my day relaxing and winding down. And. It was fabulous.

To me, life isn’t this big hurry to get to a certain point, to get some big thing accomplished. It’s about the memories, the moments in time where you find yourself happily smiling. Enjoying the journey:)

I love you all! Thanks for stopping by today:)


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