Review: Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water

Hello loves!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day:) I’m back tonight with a review for you all–Garnier’s Miceller Cleansing Water. I’ve been using this product for several weeks now, and feel I can finally give a good review on it.


For contrast I wanted to point out that I also own the miceller water from Simple, and wanted to use the Garnier version for long enough that I could compare them to each other, so you all know which one is worth investing in. I was never really overwhelmed with the Simple version to be honest. I used it for a few nights, but quickly went back to my Pond’s wipes. The only pro that I have found is that the  Simple Micellar Cleansing Water retails for $7.99 at Ulta, and the Garnier version is $8.99. Otherwise, the Garnier version wins by a landslide. (And… the Garnier one is larger, so this really isn’t a con for me to be honest, but I wanted to provide you with the difference for your budget.)

There are honestly so many things that I love about this product, you guys! My skin feels so clean afterwards, it takes off mascara in seconds, and is so great for a quick cleans before I go in for my ‘intense’ cleanse afterwards. I have been using it honestly almost every single day since I purchased it. I’m not a huge fan of liquid makeup removers. Most of them tend to leave a residue on my skin, or are too oily and I need to use another wipe/cotton round to clean it up. It also removes everything very easily, without any tugging or pulling on my skin.

Now, you really technically aren’t suppose to just cleanse with these products (aka not use a liquid cleanser at all), but I’ve found that in a pinch this really does do a good job. I can use this on it’s own at night and my skin still feels very clean, and well taken care of. Big bonus for me:)

I have lots more posts ready for you this week, so check back soon!!



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