Best of Beauty 2015: Makeup

Hello loves!

I hope you all have had a fantastic start to 2016. I honestly cannot wait to see what is in store for this year:) There has been a lot that has changed in 2015, and there will definitely be a lot happening this year as well. I wanted to share with you all the beauty products that have been essential in my routine this year. I think I will be doing this in a 2 part series: 1. makeup and 2. skin and haircare–just so things don’t get too long.

Each of these products I’ve used constantly, the majority have been repurchased (unless it just lasts a long time:)), and are all I 100% stand behind. I think the easiest way to go through all of this is to go in the order that I would use them when getting ready: foundation on up.


  • There were actually 4 Foundations that I rotated through the year with real consistency. I mixed a lot of them together on most days, but they all provide a drugstore option, middle end, and high end formula.
    • Clinque Superbalanced Foundation
    • Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 HourFoundation
    • L’oréal Pro-Matte Foundation
    • Makeup Forever HD Foundation

DSC00520 (1)

  • Concealer: I have two here that I really love. Again, offering a drugstore version and a more high end option: Maybelline FitMe Concealer and MAC Pro Longwear. They both do a great job concealing, but have a completely different way to apply. Maybelline has a doe foot applicator which is great to just get the product onto your skin with less mess. While MAC uses a pump (honestly the one thing that annoys me about this product) to get to the product. I will give the slight edge to MAC here though, as my eyeshadow last so much longer when I use it versus the Maybelline option. So, for no mess, or hot summer days Maybelline wins, but when I really want to trust that my makeup will stay put and last longer, MAC is the winner.


  • Powder: This was a carry over product for me even from before, but the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparency is just my absolute favorite. It doesn’t change the color of your foundation at all, it helps control shine, and it doesn’t feel cakey when applied, and stays light on the skin after touch ups throughout the day.


  • Choosing a bronzer/contour powder was honestly hard for me to pick, as I vary what I use based on going for more of a contoured look, or just adding some color to my face. So, I split them up:)
    • Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit has just the perfect shades for me. I use the light-medium palette and mix 2 of the shades to get the right color. they are buildable, and work great for my skin tone.
    • Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. Oh my god you guys, this stuff just smells absolutely amazing! It smells just like a chocolate bar, and I loved getting little hints of it throughout the day. This was my go to all summer, and would recommend in to anyone. It blends out well, its pigmented, and it’s dark enough without looking muddy at all. See my post on it here.


  • Blush: My hands down essential was MAC Warm Soul. Over the past month or so I’ve been going back towards my MAC Dainty, but Warm Soul won throughout the year hands down. It’s gorgeous for during the summer as it blends right into a bronzer, and gives a bit more of a contrast in the fall when you’re not quite ready to embrace the cooler tones. Love.


  • Brows: There was really only one option, as I haven’t found anything that I like as much, or even close to this product. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I’ve dabbled in using powder multiple times this year, and in some situations I loved it, but nothing does the job that this product does on its own. Truly a must have for me.


  • Eyeshadow: This again. I use lots of palettes and how can you pick just one?! They are all so different in my mind. So, I decided the best way to pick one is just to pick the one I reach for multiple times a week without thought. That definitely would be the Morphe 35K. This palette has every single color you honestly would need. It had multiple highlight options, a deep black, fabulous crease colors, shimmers, and mattes. Just fab all around. I did a full post on it here. Head over to that post to see swatches galore


  • Mascara: Hands down winner, the one I’ve been using every single day for almost this whole year would be the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara in Blackest Black. I have never had a mascara work as well as this one does. It separates my lashed without clumping, lasts all day, doesn’t leave those annoying little smudges under my eyes, and gives great volume. I’ll have to do a before and after with this mascara in a post soon:) It’s drugstore, and beats out all of my other mascaras without even trying.


What were your beauty favorites for this past year? Do we have any that are the same?


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