Date Night Ideas

Hello loves!

In need of an idea for a fun date night with your significant other? Read on to see Zach and my top list of fun nights out or in:)

  1. The classic: Dinner & a Movie. Except I actually think it’s easier if it goes a movie and then out to dinner. That way there is no rush during dinner to make it to your showtime:)
  2. Theme dinner at home. Pick a country or culture and go all out. For example: Mexican– make your own fajitas, have dulce de leche, and margaritas.
  3. Pick a local park/lake in your area you have never been to and walk the paths that surround it.
  4. Make a cozy spot in your house,or what I tend to call a nest, and watch your favorite movies or tv shows with snacks. Fill it with as many blankets and pillows as you can!
  5. Pick a new show on Netflix to binge watch together and order in a pizza or your favorite take out.
  6. Be adventurous and try out a new kind of food or restaurant you’ve never been to.
  7. Go on a coffee date. These are some of my favorite dates that Zach and I have ever been on. We have gone to our local coffee shop and just talked for a couple hours. It’s nothing fancy, but gives you such amazing one on one time.
  8. Go to an Art Museum/History Center. Zach and I found an Andy Warhol showing at a small museum when we lived in Sioux Falls. It was under $10 and so much fun to see what we each interpreted from each piece.
  9. Go to a concert. Ticketmaster has a complete list for areas, or during the summer check out state fair listings or festivals:)
  10. Take a tour of a local brewery or winery. It may surprise you how many local ones there are in your area.

Here are a few pictures from our dates:)

Touring the Jim Beam Factory in June 2015. This was such a fun experience!
Last winter at the Ice Castle near our home.
Minnesota State Fair 2015 🙂
Out to dinner in Nashville, TN on our first anniversary.

I hope you all enjoyed this list and that it gave you some ideas for your next date night. I tried to provide some options for all budgets:) What is the best date you have ever been on?

See you all soon!


2 thoughts on “Date Night Ideas

  1. Really lovely ideas! My boyfriend and I like have cooking competitions! Thinks like burgers and pizzas so it’s inexpensive, and then his housemates have to test them to see who the winner is (me, always me) x

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