50 Facts About Me :)

Hello loves!

So I was going through a bunch of my older posts and realized that this was the very first post that I made on here–and that was quite a while ago. So many things have changed, and I thought it was a good time to do a personal post, and update you all on things. If you do one of these tag me in it so I can learn more about you too!

  1. I am married to my absolute best friend in the world.
  2. I’m a new puppy parent. I love my fur baby, Nora, to pieces.
  3. I am a chapstick addict. No shame.
  4. I daily vlog my life along with my hubby and Nora.
  5. I’ve never worn a watch until this last year, and now I can’t function without one.
  6. Cinnamon tea is amazing. I loooove it.
  7. I have every episode of FRIENDS memorized.
  8. Disney movies are still some of my absolute favorites ones to watch.
  9. I’m officially well into my mid-twenties. I turn 26 this year.
  10. I love my job. It’s challenging and new every single day.
  11. I love painting my nails, but hardly ever take the time to do it.
  12. Italian food is my all time favorite.
  13. We just bought our first house in November 2015.
  14. Decorating that home is my new favorite thing to do.
  15. Make up, blogging, and vlogging honestly relax me.
  16. My best friends all live in different states than me.
  17. I graduated from ISU in Ames, IA.
  18. If I could live in leggings and oversized sweaters I would.
  19. There is never too much chocolate.
  20. There are always at least 4 candles out in my house at a time.
  21. I cannot watch scary movies without getting nightmares.
  22. I want to travel abroad this year.
  23. Zach and I dated all through high school and college.
  24. I’m quite shy until I know I can really trust you.
  25. I’m currently binge watching Fixer Upper and New Girl 🙂
  26. Our wedding was already almost 2 years ago. Time is flying!
  27. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I’m too nervous to get one.
  28. .klmoij –Nora typed this one.
  29. My favorite color is purple.
  30. My whole house is decorated in whites and grey tones. 🙂
  31. I wish I could win the lottery. (Don’t we all though…?? hah!)
  32. I would love to be able to flip a house.
  33. Burnt corn and potatoes is one of my favorite summer foods.
  34. No family gathering is complete without jello.
  35. I’m in denial about how fast time is flying by.
  36. I will be posting new tutorials on here as often as I can.
  37. I hate cheezits and goldfish with a passion.
  38. I’m a firm believer that you should stay in your pajamas as long as you can on weekends.
  39. I love breakfast, but never give myself enough time for uniting more complicated than a bagel or cereal.
  40. I have never been to Disney World or Disneyland.
  41. Planners are necessary in my life.
  42. I add things to my to do list just to cross them off 🙂
  43. Folding laundry is relaxing for me.
  44. I start trying to eat healthy every week… and then I find noodles and chocolate.
  45. I love Harry Potter movies.
  46. I was painted in paint from head to toe my freshman year of college for a competition.
  47. Leap Year is my favorite movie.
  48. Schmidt is one of my favorite tv characters.
  49. I’d like to think I’m like Rachel but I’m really a Monica.
  50. My birthday is in September 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!



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