Winter OOTD

Hello loves!

Welcome to my little corner of the interet–I hope you enjoy:)

This is officially the first post of the New Year! I am rejuvenated (mostly, I’m a tad sick at the moment, but aside from that:) ) and ready to get going on this blog! I thought I would start out the year with a brand new post for me: an OOTD. I’ve honestly never posted one of these, and I love reading them, so I thought I’d give it a try haha!

This is what I wore to a wedding a little over a week ago:


We all of sudden had several inches of snow fall overnight here, and therefore I needed to wear booties, and add some tights. Otherwise the plan was to wear my pink heels with little bows on the top:)

imageNecklace is from a small boutique in Minneapolis here:) I originally bought it for my Bachelorette Party a couple years ago. I love the layered look, and the small bow on the side adds such a beautiful feminine touch.

Dress is from Express. I really loved the skater cut of this dress. It is very flattering to every shape, and it makes you so much more comfortable than wearing something that is skin tight!

imageShoes are from DSW. They were a gift from Nora for Christmas this year. It was hard to capture in this light, but they have a really cute bow on the outside:) I picked these to coordinate with the small bow that is also in the necklace.


Hope you all enjoyed!



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