Tip Tuesday: Surviving the Holidays

Hello loves!

Welcome back to another Tip Tuesday! I apologize for missing some of these:( …but! I am back and ready to get these up for you all! Let’s jump into it shall we?

The holidays can be a suuuper stressful time for all of us. There is a steep incline in how often you are busy, it can hurt the wallet, it can cause conflict between family members, and let’s just face it, the holidays can get a bit overwhelming. This is what I have found to help keep things in check during this stressful time:

  • Plan ahead! Yes it may sound crazy to get your plans finalized as soon as thanksgiving is over, but it will pay off when you know what you need to get done over the next month.
  • Take time for you own special traditions. I always bake cookies with my family, but I make sure that I set aside time for Zach and I to relax one night and do that just for ourselves. When I’m with my family baking it’s very much get as many cookies out as you can, and we are each making our own kind. Much more stressful. At home we can make just our favorites, pop in a movie, and enjoy the process.
  • Candles, wall scents, fragrance sprays galore, my friends! Nothing makes me more cozy and relaxed than my house smelling like wonderful holiday things. I suggest: anything Marshmallow Fireside, Holiday, Dashing Through the Snow, Sparkling Icicles, and Vanilla Bean Noel for Bath & Body Works. (Let’s be real… I can add so many more to that list…) Keep things festive and warm in your home, and it will always help you relax after a long day.
  • Set clear limits on your time. Family can always do a fabulous job of extending the end time on things, or if you’re my family, we don’t have an end time:) I love spending time with my family, and getting as much of it in during the holidays as I can, but I always let them know before I get there what time I need to leave. Zach and I try to see both sides of our families during the holidays and this really plays a key role here. If we are doing two families in one day I always let them know, hey I love seeing you, and we can’t wait, but we need to be one the road by ___. That way when it comes close to our time to leave no one is surprised, and it’s much easier to make our exit.
  • Pick a pamper item that will be solely used during the holidays. For me, this means using my Vanilla Bean Noel body cream. I absolutely love this smell, and it always makes me think of holidays. I take time to slather myself in this stuff every day. It’s just a few minutes at the end of the day before bed that I take for myself. This gives my mind a few minutes to unwind after a long day, my skin a much needed dose of moisture, and my body time to decompress before falling asleep. Other things you could pick are: using a new face mask, pick out some favorite holiday bath bombs (this is what I would love to do, but Nora isn’t a fan of me not being constantly able to play:) ha!), get some shea/aloe infused socks, or buy yourself a new set of Christmas pjs! (I actually do have a set of these on the way for Zach and I soon– I love new pajamas.

I hope this helps you all out! What do you do to relax and destress during the holidays?


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