Mandarie Mondays: Big News!!

Hello loves!

We are officially adding  a new member to our team here:) We are adding a brand new puppy into the mix! We believe she is a mix between a Lab and a Spaniel–a Spanador.


Is she not the cutest thing in the entire world?! Ahh!

Her adoption will be final this Saturday night. We are just so beyond excited. I’ve been making her all sorts of blankets to cuddle with, and getting her all set up with the essentials she will need. We have bowls, a mat to catch all of the water we know she will spill, a crate, blankets (as I mentioned), shampoo, and a fuzzy bed for her to sleep in.

We are headed out tonight to get her some toys, and a tag that has our info on it (which is required by our rescue group), and most likely some chew sticks for her. We are still unsure as to what food we will be giving her. Her foster mom said that she seems to be getting bored with the kind she is on now, so a switch will probably do her some good. Do you all have any brands that your fur babies really like?? We would love you suggestions:)

Talk to you all soon!


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