My New Beauty Desk:)

Hello loves!

So a dream of mine cam to reality yesterday when Zach said he would take me to go and get my very own vanity. It sounds like a small thing to some, but it was a huge deal for me. Having my own beauty desk/vanity has been something that I’ve wanted for years really:) I can’t even explain how excited I am to have it now.


Eek! So excited about it:) I went the budget friendly route and made a stop at Ikea. Essentially my whole house is Ikea furniture haha so I figured I’d continue the trend. I picked up one set of ALEX drawers and then got the cheap-o $4 legs and then put a small table top over the two. So, its three pieces all put together exactly how you like them. I really like that it’s easily changeable. If I need to add in another set of drawers I can just take off the legs, or if I need more table space, I can just purchase the larger top. Easy-peasy. It only took Zach and I about 40 minutes to assemble and it’s all ready to go.

I of course immediately put my brushes onto the top:) I’m now on the hunt to find the perfect mirror to lean against the wall on top to use. Once I get this area looking all cute my plan is to be able to have this be a filming space–words can’t explain how ready I am for that to happen. I have so many ideas; I just need to place to get them filmed and ready.

In case you all don’t know–I’m filming Daily Vlogs with my hubby:) Check them out here:

TGIF to all of you wonderful people:)


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