Friday Night Thoughts…

Hello my loves!

I hope you are all reveling in the fact that it’s finally Friday!! My friend and I were texting each other tonight and somehow got on the topic of “I’m 25 and…” We had quite a few good ones, but it really got me thinking. At what age do you really feel like you are grown up and have your life together?

My assumption is that the answer to my question is: never. I just purchased a home. I’m married. I have a full time job. Am I an adult? Most people would say yes. But I also still call my mom on the daily to ask very simple life questions. My husband gets nervous when I try and do something with a tool (like hammers haha) and I am currently typing this up while wearing my Zebra onesie:))

I feel like sometimes we all get so caught up in what we ‘should’ be doing and what and adult or responsible person our age ‘should’ be expected to know. But in reality we are all just trying to figure this game of life out. Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves and just enjoy the moments where you can laugh at yourself. So, here are my top 5 (in no particular order) moments of the week:

  1. Being able to laugh until I cry at Hobby Lobby with my husband over them calling a ‘Code 7 in crafts’ over the loud speaker.
  2. Using the word pretexted instead of pretended and not noticing until I got a very strange look.
  3. Picking my Mom up from the airport and immediately having a sense of comfort and home with her hug.
  4. Setting up my very first beauty desk/vanity.
  5. Honestly, just wearing this wonderful Zebra onesie with no shame because, my goodness you guys, it’s comfortable!

Don’t forget to smell the roses, and laugh at yourself! It’s good for ya–I promise:)

Did you see our vlog from today??



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