Tip Tuesday: Keep Your Hair Healthy- Part 1

Hello loves!

It’s Tuesday–so that means I’m back for another tip:) This one is going along with my post from last week on keeping your skin moisturized, as it is continuing to get colder here. However, we will now be focusing on hair.

The tip is simple: don’t wash your hair from root to tip.

It may sound a little counterintuitive, but I promise it will help. Your hair creates natural oils, what makes it look greasy in-between washes, and they keep your hair healthy. It may be temping to lather up your whole head with shampoo when washing, but really just try and focus the suds to just your scalp. The roots of your hair are the most important to scrub clean. The rest of your hair, or shaft as it is commonly called, will get clean enough as you rinse the shampoo out.

When I rinse out my shampoo I let the water do the work for about a minute and just let the shampoo naturally rinse out. This allows some of it to ‘wash’ the middle and ends of my hair strands.

Happy washing:)


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