Mandarie Mondays: We Are Moving!


We have a date set to move in!! We will be in our new house on November 9th! That is exactly three weeks from today, for those of us keeping track:)

This time is actually going to fly by, so we have started packing up some things in our apartment. It’s so weird going through things now and having to think, “is this necessary thing to keep here… or can I live without it for a few weeks?” Naturally people told me I could make up a lot of my cosmetic/beauty items. However, if you really know me, or are as much of a cosmetic junkie as I am you know that’s not possible. I use way to much (I’ll admit that) throughout the week and know as soon as I pack up one of my palettes I’ll just be thinking about some specific color that I can’t use from the next 21 days. The struggle is real you guys.

It also really doesn’t help that the weather is so random at this point. It’s not quite cold enough that I can completely switch over to cords, sweaters, and all things cozy. I need to have some light options because of days like today where it got up to 70. God, this sounds so much like first world problems… hopefully you all understand where I’m coming from and aren’t thinking about insane I may sound:)

My teeth are healing up pretty well at this point. I only have one upper one that is sore, so I’m doing pretty well! I’m considering myself lucky after hearing some of my friends stories after getting their wisdom teeth removed.

We’ve also started a daily vlog. This is something that I have been wanting to do for probably months at this point, and I couldn’t be happier that we are finally doing that. I cannot wait to have all of these memories to look back on! Check out the past couple days on our channel LifeAtoZ. It was the same link to my old videos that were just under Mandarie, but I want to take time and really get a good set up before I do beauty videos in the new house.

Here is what we did yesterday: 

See you all tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Mandarie Mondays: We Are Moving!

    1. Congrats to you as well!! That’s so exciting:) Yeah, I agree– Packing everything up isn’t going to be near as fun as unloading it all in a new home! When do you guys move?

      1. We aren’t going to move just yet – we still have to find a house and sell our house. We just put our house on the market and started the process but we would like to be in a new house by the summer. 😊

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