Tip Tuesday: Moisturize!!

Hello loves!

While todays Tip Tuesday may seem a bit simple, and some of you may be thinking duh!… a lot of us are missing moisturizing some pretty important areas. Here are my top spots we can forget to lather on that lotion, but places our skin will thank us for.

  1. Your neck. Does this place often feel dry? Probably not, but it’s one of the first places we can start to show our age, so help it out a bit!
  2. Your lower back. Again this place may get a bit of lotion, but when it gets dry in the winter boy is in painful.
  3. Your decolletage. This area (your lower neck, and chest) is the spot my mom tells me to protect almost anytime I see her. It’ll help keep you warm if it’s covered in the winter, and look a heck of a lot better in a v neck when it doesn’t look dry.
  4. Your booty. Slathering your booty in lotion is a necessary thing in my opinion.
  5. Finally. Your eye lids! Having an eye cream is one of the biggest things I think that we need to not only protect our skin from sun, wind, damage, etc. but it also makes quite a different in how refreshed you look as well. Do those two a favor and invest in some cream for them. Doesn’t matter if its 7 dollars or 75–just protect them.

If you are interested in my favorites for any of these spots let me know! I’d love to do a follow up post for ya:)


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