Mandarie Mondays: Ouch

Hello loves!

So as I mentioned last week– I got my wisdom teeth removed last Friday and I’m still not feeling the best unfortunately. There must have been something wrong with the extraction of one of my teeth because, I have a lot more stitches on one side than I do the other three:( It makes talking really uncomfortable, and just really makes my mouth sore. I’m still having a hard time eating because of it as well. If that one upper side could’ve just been easier my healing would definitely been better. All in all though, I am really doing well and each day is getting better. It’s been lots of ice and rests for me since Friday morning.

Onto more happy updates! I think we found our house! We have come to an agreement with the couple who lives there now, and we are just waiting for them to sign the final documents and we will be in there next month! How crazy is that!? I don’t want to show you exactly where the house is located, but I will be doing a house tour and bringing you along with us on this new journey. Which also brings me to a new ‘topic’ for my blog. Getting more into the lifestyle portion–Home Renovation. Zach and I are so excited to tackle this new challenge, and really make this place our own. Lord knows I’ve spent enough time creating my Pinterest boards that I can decorate 200 houses, but I’m going to do just fine tackling all the things I’d like to work on with this one. I can’t wait to get in there and show you all our new home!

What I’ve really though of as crazy was I think it was about this time last year that I sat down to write one of these posts and I was talking about how Zach and I wanted to have our own apartment by the time it was Christmas. This year I will be able to say that we will be in our own HOUSE by Christmas. This honestly kind of boggles my mind sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of things that the two of us struggle with, but the feeling of knowing we can own our own home is such an amazing feeling. Not to be so cheesy, but I really do feel blessed to be living the life I am with my husband. We drive each other crazy, and he’s had to make me mashed potatoes for the past three days, but I wouldn’t change one thing.

We are our little family, and are on our way to big things.

Check back tomorrow for Tip Tuesday!


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