Morphe Brushes: Mini Haul

Hello loves!

For my birthday this year my hubby ordered me a few Morphe brushes that I have had my eye on. I thought I’d give you a quick review and explanation of what I want to use them for. I promised myself that I wouldn’t use them until I got this post up, and it’s been way way too long!

From left to right these are the brushes that I got:)


M150: I absolutely love angled brushes. This one is about the size of my pinky finger so it will fit perfectly into my crease. I really like using these as a finishing touch to blending out darker shades. I’ll use a big fluffy brush to diffuse the shade, and then go back in with an angled brush with just a bit more of the dark color to keep the intensity in the corner.

B16: Full disclosure–I picked this out out because it was just too cute and small not to have hahah But! I did have a plan for it. It is the perfect size for an inner corner highlight. It’s big enough to pick up more product without being too big to fit into that inner corner.

B77: This is essentially just a bigger version of a flat shadow brush. I love that the sides are flat to pat the pigment onto the lid, but it’s dense enough to buff out the edges by using the top of the brush.

B4: I have never owned an angled brush before, but everyone just raves about them. I think that this would be perfect to contour as well as small enough to fit on the apples of my cheeks:)

M501: I’ve been using a big fluffy eye shadow brush to apply my highlight and really want it back as a crease brush–so enter this guy:) However I think it would also be amazing to contour with! Especially around the nose:)

What other brushes should I invest in you guys?!


3 thoughts on “Morphe Brushes: Mini Haul

    1. I love the M501!! I didn’t think it would be that much of a different from using one of my larger blending brushes, but it really distributes the highlight so much nicer–and it lasted a lot longer as well. Totally worth it!!

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