Tip Tuesday: Be Uniquely You

Hello everyone!

Welcome back for another Tip Tuesday here:) Today’s tip is a bit different, as it isn’t straight beauty related, but I think it’s a really important thing for all of us to be thinking about.

I spend so much time telling my clients at work that it doesn’t matter how others see you. That it doesn’t matter how often you try something and don’t succeed right away–that it takes some practice and patience to learn things. I try and always be that one person for them that is always positive, and always giving them some sort of highlight for the week. That they are doing good. That they are working towards something great. That they are unique and no one else will do things just how they do them, and that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

My tip for you (and for me): Be Uniquely You. As Dr. Seuss says, there is no one that is more you-er than you:) Be proud of who you are and what you’re working towards. No one else is on your journey in life. No one else will see things just how you see them, so why make your life the same as everyone else’s? Be the truest version of yourself that you can.

Just a little something to think about:) Hope you’re having a good start to the week!


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