Mandarie Mondays: September Synopsis

Hello loves!

September has been quite a busy month for us! We have been working on getting into a new house–well into a house in general, and our of our apartment:) We found one that we really love, and are just waiting for to finish negotiations after an inspection. I’m so beyond excited about this next chapter of our lives. It will not come without challenges, but I can’t wait to be in a place that is just ours. I’ll bring you all along on our journey of homeownership and all the decorating and remodeling that comes along with it:)

Another big thing happening soon, but much much less fun, is that I’m getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday morning. I’m so nervous! I’ve heard for some people its a few hours of being not comfortable, but for some it is days of pain and just not being good. I reeeaallly hope that I am part of the first group. However we will soon find out. If any of you have suggestions for food, or things you’ve done post surgery to make you feel better–please let me know!

Highlight of the week: Getting the whole apartment cleaned and organized:) Such a Monica thing  (if you get that reference I love you) but it makes me feel so much better.

Low point of the week: Find out all the things with the house that may need to be fixed before we move in. I’m just so ready to reach a final agreement with this couple and get papers signed!

How has your week been?


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