Bath & Body Works Haul: Fall Candles

Hello loves!

I’ve been burning quite a few candles (as always) and I thought I’d share with you my favorites and the ones that I’ve picked up recently:)

First up a classic: Autumn. I absolutely love this scent! It’s honestly just the smell of a fall day. It’s crisp, fresh, and has a hint of an apple orchard in it.


The one that I can’t stop burning. Ever. Marshmallow Fireside. Ugh. I cannot get enough of this smell. It’s the perfect amount of vanilla without being too sweet, and you honestly do get a hint of a campfire in it:)


An oldie but goodie: Leaves. My friend and I had this scent in our room every single year during college. We used so much of it we repurchased it multiple times during the fall. It smells like spices, and berries and all things fall. This one is actually gone.. so I’ll post a link– find leaves and all other candles HERE.

The two newbies: Radiant Red Maple & We Love Fall. I have yet to burn either of them since I did just pick them up in the sale going on. It is still going on tonight if you want to get in on it! It’s the 2 for $24 plus an additional 20 percent off! Radiant Red Maple has a bit of a caramel apple scent to it along with crips trees and We Love Fall was my way of getting some pumpkin smell without having a whole candle dedicated to it. It has three layers: Sweater Weather, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple. I’m not a huge just straight up pumpkin pie fan, so this way I will get a bit of that scent, without it being too over powering. So, if you’re like me at all and don’t want intense pumpkin either of those two (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin or Pumpkin Apple) would be a good alternative for you.



A must have: Sweater Weather. This is a fragrance that I think you can burn at almost any time. It has a lot of eucalyptus in it and that makes it much more transitional to me. It is definitely fall smelling, but could easily be used in late summer as well:)


Ones I’ve had before and will get as I burn though these:
Flannel/Mahogany Teakwood: the best way to explain these is by saying that it smells like man. I know that sounds silly, but it really is just like a wonderful smelling cologne. They are woodsy and kind of smell like a walk in the forest:)
Fresh Balsam (after Thanksgiving as this smells straight up like Christmas)
Vanilla Snowflake (after Thanksgiving as well)

I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting:) Can you all tell I’m a bit candle obsessed?!

What are your favorites?


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