Clinique Product Review: Skin Care

Hello loves!

Today I thought I’d continue on with the reviews of some of the Clinique products that I have received.

These are my favorite products that I have tried out so far, however there have been several new products released in the last few months I really want to try:)

Total Turnaround Concentrate: This has made such a huge difference in my skin! It leaves it feeling velvety smooth (seriously), and really helps with the overall texture and brightness of my skin. I highly recommend this product to anyone–especially those of us with combination skin. It’s one of those products that is worth every penny because of the way it leaves your skin feeling. People with minor acne problems may like this a lot too:)

Super Defense Night: Protecting our skin from pollutants in the air, and from damaging rays in our 20s and 30s is so important for the future of our skin. So, this product is perfect to use at night time–it comes in two different versions, one for normal to dry skin and one for more combination to oily skin. Its such a smooth cream and absorbs really well into my skin.

Moisture Surge Intense: This I don’t use all over my face as I do get oily in the T-Zone, but it’s great for the parts of my skin that get quite dry. I put this all over my cheeks and onto my neck to get really good moisture back in them. This version, the intense, helps repair the moisture barrier while also giving an immense amount of hydration to the skin. There is a gel version of this cream that more oily skins can use–it is more just like drinking 8 glasses of water for you skin, but doesn’t give that extra bit of help with repairing that barrier on your skin. I always recommend the Intense version.

All About Eyes Eye Cream: This is an absolutely amazing eye cream. It leaves your skin feeling sooo hydrated and it stays feeling that way all day. I have shown this product to multiple members of my family, and they all have said the same thing. It hydrates, helps reduce puffiness, and in my opinion helps your concealer lay on your skin much nicer.

I also have the full 3 Step products to wash my face, but the soap doesn’t work the best for me to be completely honest. The oily skin formula doesn’t give that squeaky clean feel when it’s done and I develop a bit of a rash from it. However, I’ve had many, many clients who swear by it and have seen it improve many people’s skin. The  Foaming Sonic Cleansing Soap works much better for me and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to step up their skin care without going into all three steps:)


**These products were given to me by the company as a part of my gratis–I selected products based on a predetermined amount given to me.

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