Mandarie Mondays: Bad Luck

Hello loves!

So this past weekend Zach and I went up to my families cabin. We had an amazing time, and enjoyed a few perfect fall weather days:) However… I managed to cut my finger pretty badly while trying to cut an avocado. It was one of those things where before going into it you think, “Okay, don’t take a super sharp knife just in case something bad happens…” and then something fluky happens and you end up cutting yourself. Thankfully it is in the top of my pointer finger and not in a portion that bends at all so it should heal better than if it was in a knuckle.

I did manage to get to age 25 before cutting myself with a knife though, so thats good for something right? (Ps–typing while holding up my pointer finger is getting to be white difficult haha)  Zach got it cleaned while I was there and has put on some Steri Strips I believe they are called here now that we are home. It wasn’t bad enough to need stitches, but probably pretty close unfortunately. So, please cross your fingers for me that it starts to heal soon–or at least scab so that it’s not quite so painful when it moves and I can function normally again.

On a more positive note- we have found a few homes that we like! We have turned in our notice to our apartment building that we will not be renewing our lease and we need to now be out November 20th. I’m hoping that we go out one more time looking and either it seals the deal on one of them that we really like, or our realtor manages to find something even better:) Personally, I’m not sure what end result would be better hah.

I’m thinking that no matter what house we get there will be a bit of remodeling, and for sure painting, so there will be lots of fun updates to show you all! I’m so ready to have something that is just ours. That we can paint, decorate our way, put holes in the walls :), and just do with what we want–and not have loud neighbors walking above us!

How have your weeks been??

High: spending time outdoors with my family enjoying the amazing weather
Low: slicing my finger on an avocado…



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