First Impression & Review: Morphe 35K Palette with Swatches

Hello loves!

This is going to be a long post, so grab a snack:)

I am so excited to make this post! Partly because that means I get to use all the gorgeous shades, but also because I just can’t wait to show you all this amazing palette I found:) My hubby got this for me along with a few brushes (coming up in a post soon) for my birthday, and it just got here yesterday. I can’t wait to create new looks with all these colors! Honestly, how perfect are these colors for Fall/Winter?!

I swatched each color and row going from Left to Right and Top to Bottom. Here are all the swatches for you:

First Row:

1: When I first saw this white shade I was kind of let down as I don’t use white at all really when doing my makeup, but I was so surprised when I swatched it! I love the color and will be a beautiful highlight for the holidays:)
2: Perfect Fall color… it’s a beautiful copper color with a bit of red in it.
3: LOVE this gold shade. It has a bit of a different texture than the one before it, but I think the two combined will be perfect for this time of year.
4: This color I’m very intrigued by. I don’t use much blue, but I feel like this could be a fun pop of color to add in with some darker shades.
5: A matte blue/grey color that I think could be used as an all over shade, or would look great smoked out around the lash line.

Second Row:


1: This swatch I’m kind of disappointed in. It has much more pink in it than shows up in this picture. It would be a perfect crease color for so many looks.
2: Again your general matte shade that would be a great crease color–that’s how I plan to use it.
3:Ugh. So pretty! This one also looks just a bit more purple in real life. Just can’t say enough good things:)
4: This blue has a bit more silver in it than the one from the first row–great for nights out!
5: This is a very smokey blue and I really want to try blending this into the crease with more of a grey on the rest of the lid.

Third Row:

1: This shade looks a lot more ballet/baby pink but the sun almost got too bright or something. Perfect shade for so many things; highlight, all over your lid, blended out in your inner corner… can’t wait!
2: Having a really nice warm brown for your crease is something I think everyone should have–apply it lightly until you get your desired shade.
3: Same thing with this one, layer them together to create loads of depth and dimension to your eye looks:)
4: I really love this taupe-y color. It has a bit of irrudencesnse to it and it’d be an easy all of the eye and done shade.
5: This color is beautiful, but I’d be careful in taking it too much higher than right at your crease to avoid that black eye look that not too many of us strive for;)

Fourth Row:
image1: All I want to do is mix this shade with the first one from the row before. So simple and elegant:)
2: Soft, matte brown that would go well with almost anything.
3: The perfect buttery, matte shade every needs in their collection.
4: Love this shade! It has so much color in it–the picture doesn’t do it justice.
5: I really love this grey/steel shade. It’s not matte, but its not a shimmer.

Fifth Row:
image1: This shade is beyond gorgeous!! I took so many pictures of this row just to try and capture it… couldn’t do it justice.
2: Obsessed. This is just such a beautiful warm, rich color. It has all things fall put into it:)
3: Such a pretty matte, brown shade with a bit of grey in it.
4: Again. LOVE. Another shade that immediately drew me to this palette. It is a bit more cranberry looking in the pan though.
5: This shade combined with a nice, light brown/grey for the crease would make such an easy smokey eye.

Sixth Row:

1: I love this pinky shade! It’s such a beautiful matte color, & I have nothing like it!
2: All I think of with this color is Thanksgiving:) A perfect cranberry shade.
3: Another great matte brown–another one that gets a bit loose on the top.
4: Not my go to shade by any means… but it has a lot of dimension to it:)
5: This is one I really want to play with. It is a nice dark color and is super pigmented, just like all the other shades, but its almost able to be worn with only one other color?? We will see how it goes as I play with it.

Seventh Row:

1: Perfect warm toned colors for fall. Wear all over your lid or just in the crease to blend everything out.
2: Ditto above…
3: Obsessed! This shade is one of the reasons I picked this palette out!
4: I love this color, but I just wish it wasn’t as blends very smooth though!
5: Just a good black that every palette needs:)

I also took pictures of the palette after the swatches were all done. If there are any negatives about this palette it would be that I did notice that a couple of the shades became pretty loose on the top and more messy the more I touched them.

The gold shadow in this first row in my opinion isn’t quite as smooth as the others when it is applied. Don’t get me wrong–it blends our beautifully and I intend to use it like crazy this Fall, but you can definitely feel a different texture to it than the others. Obviously shades that have glitter to them will not be quite as smooth, but I think you all know what I’m getting at:)image

You can definitely tell a difference in the last row, all the way to the right, second shadow from the bottom. That’s a perfect example of the looseness I was talking about. So, I would suggest using a flat brush when applying that color, or any other shades that get looser, and pressing that shadow to your lid first; instead of immediately going into windshield wiper motions.


That’s everything! Overall I would recommend this palette 100 times over to anyone thinking about it. The shadows are such an amazing value, and are SO pigmented!! Some of these shadows were just 1 or 2 swipes with my finger and I got the swatch:)

If you would like to see any colors put together to make a look please let me know! I’d be happy to combine them for you:)

I hope this helped a bit if you’re on the fence about if you want it or not! Until next time!


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