Monthly Favorites: August 2015

Hello my loves!

Can you believe that we are already done with August? (Says every person making this post I’m sure… haha) I honestly can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone! ¬†Although, if we are being completely honest, I’ve already started getting all of my fall scented candles, soaps, and I’ve been looking at my sweaters a lot more now:) Before I get too far ahead of myself, here is what I’ve been loving this month:


Here’s a bit more detail on each product:


  1. Vintage Lace candle from Target. Oh. My. God. This candle literally smells amazing. Its beautiful as decoration and it really just makes your home feel all cozy, but fresh at the same time. It’s not as strong as a 3 wick candle from B&BW I will be honest, but the scent it creates it so worth it. I already have gone back and hunted through the shelves to find an extra for myself:)image
  2. Clinique Superbalance Makeup. This is something that I have been wearing a lot ever since I was able to get my first gratis from the company when I started back at the end of last year. This formula I truly believe last the best on people, and always wears the best. It adds moisture to your face where you can get dry (i.e.: to dry patches under your foundation) and helps to control oil/shine in others. It’s not going to block out all oil–I still do touch up during the day, but it still wears very well and is still on after a 14 hour day. Plus, its much more affordable than other department store/Sephora foundations– $23 I believe.image
  3. Sigma E40. This is technically an eyeshadow brush, but I’ve been using it to apply my highlighter to my cupid’s bow and cheek bones. It’s fluffy and super soft:) It does a great job applying the highlight gently and in smaller amounts than with a typical highlight brush.image
  4. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. This stuff is my addiction right now. I’ve had it for over a month and have literally used it even on days when I’m wearing no other makeup but a bit of concealer under my yes. LOVE this. (I apply this using the E40 I mentioned above.)image
  5. L’Oreal Power Moisture Hydrating Shampoo. This gets my hair squeaky clean and leaves no residue at all. I can go longer without my hair looking greasy as well:) Extra bonus is that its super affordable:)image
  6. Softlips Vanilla lip balm. This stuff is an oldie but a goodie for me. It has an SPF in it, so it protects your lips from sun damage. That is one area that I feel people tend to forget about when dealing with sun protection–lips. They still can get damage too, and need to be protected. This balm also smells wonderful and moisturizes really, really well.image
  7. MAC Cremesheen Lip Glass Double Happiness. I recently purchased this to be my new nude gloss that I can wear over everything that I have. I got it with a tint of pink to it so that if I wanted to wear it on it’s own I’d be able to do that as well. I’ve worn it to a several weddings this summer and it has just stayed in my purse ever since. (this also smells live vanilla:) )image
  8. Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara. I have a love hate relationship with this mascara. It makes your lashes look so incredible full, thick, and long when applied the perfect way that it’s becoming a must have for me on big events. However you will notice ¬†I said if applied in the perfect way. This mascara can get a bit clumpy in my opinion and you definitely need to have patience with it, and zig-zag all way from root to tip. It’ s bit pricey for mascara but does an unbelievable job!image
  9. Last but not least I’ve been using the Olay Fresh Effects Bright on Schedule: Eye Awakening Cream. Although I’ve been using this at night instead of during the day:) For me it seems to brighten and hydrate my eyes overnight so that when I go to apply my makeup in the morning its already prepped. The cooling applicator is also really nice at night during these warm August days and nights:)

What have you been loving this month? Leave them below so we can share favorites!


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