Tip Tuesday: Long Lasting Summer Makeup

Hello loves!

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! Today’s tip will be all about how to get the most of your makeup on the long summer days. Continue reading to see how I help keep my makeup lasting as long as possible.

1. Use a foundation that is best for your skin– for example use a matte foundation if you tend to get oily. Most makeup lines have a description under the foundation that will let you know who it works best for.

2. Set your oily areas with a light powder. In my opinion using a translucent powder as opposed to one that has some coverage works the best. That way you aren’t getting anywhere near that ‘caked’ on look that isn’t flattering for anyone.

3. Use a setting spray. I am completely obsessed with Urban Decay setting sprays. I have De-Slick and have gone through a couple bottles worth. I’ve also used Dr. Jart’s, but to be honest it doesn’t work as well for me during the summer months. De-Slick is here.

4. This may seem like a silly tip to add, but try your best not to rub your face. Obviously the more you run and touch your face the higher chance that you will be removing makeup from it:)

5. Finally, use a brush. I truly believe that brushes make a huge difference in how well your makeup looks, as well as lasts, throughout the day. If you’re applying makeup using your fingers you’re applying the oil from them to your skin, as well as unevenly spreading it around on your skin. Trust me. Invest in some brushes. You can find my favorite foundation brush by clicking here.

Hope this helped my loves! Enjoy your summers!


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