Tip Tuesday: Tightlining for Beginners:)

Hello loves!

My tip for you today is how to get that hard to reach upper water line to get a good tightline going. The beauty of tightlining is that it creates a much thicker lash base; therefore making your lashes look super thick, and extra gorgeous:)

Now to get the bottom water line is pretty easy–just gently press inward in the middle of your water line and it will become exposed. I normally run back and forth a few times to be sure that I get even coverage. I would add a picture of this, but looking and me almost poking my eye isn’t something that’s too cute.

Here is the most important part of the tip: getting your upper waterline without poking yourself and making a smooth line. The best way that I have found to do this is to put a mirror underneath my vision–think about having in be horizontal at about your chin– and applying my liner that way. By looking at your waterline from underneath you don’t stretch out the skin and irritate it, and also don’t miss seeing any spots you may have missed.

Enjoy creating the look of ticker, fuller, more voluminous lashes friends!


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