Mandarie Mondays: Current Thoughts…

Hello loves–

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July weekend! Zach and I attended one of our good friends wedding and had an amazing time catching up with everyone and tried our best to just relax the rest of the time:)

I find myself constantly thinking about our wedding whenever we are at another one. I’m just all of a sudden flooded with the emotion of that day. The way it felt standing with my Dad before we walked down the aisle. The way it felt to have our first dance. Just everything really. The flip side of this is that I think of the things I wish I could’ve fixed. I don’t have any pictures of just my mom and I from that day–there are a couple of her next to me or dancing near me, but none of them with us both facing the camera. I know this isn’t something that I should be upset because I was lucky enough to have my Mom with me that day, and really if that’s my only negative it wasn’t a bad day–I really do get that. It’s just one of those things I really wish I would’ve caught that day. There is just so much going on that if you did’t specifically make a plan about it before hand it just slips away.

Ugh…. no more of the negative. I really don’t like thinking like that. I am super excited that it is Shark Week right now though! I am completely terrified of sharks in real life….most fish really if we are being honest…but Shark Week gets me every time. I just can’t stop watching! Anyone else like this too?!

Another bit of news is that everyone has a new favorite question to ask me: When are you guys going to be having kids? It’s like a little timer that goes off in people’s minds.  Hey, they’ve been married for a year; they should probably be having a kid soon now right? No my friends. It’s not. Having kids is of course something we’ve talked about because you want to have the same kind of plan for kids as the person you’ve married, but we aren’t ready yet. I’d love to have kiddos here, but we just don’t even have the room in our little apartment at the moment.

Also–shameless plug here, but Zach and I have been vlogging for quite a bit now and would love to be friends on there too! We vlogged our road trip as well so there are lots of new things to check out:) And honestly, I’d love some feedback too. We don’t have tons of followers as we haven’t made an announcement to the world that we’re doing this and just letting people discover it, just as i’ve done with this blog. So, all of you wonderful friends I have on here are who I’m counting on for honest opinions and support in some ways:)

You can see all of our vlogs as well as my beauty videos by searching Mandarie on YouTube. Our Anniversary vlog is here:))

See you all tomorrow for a brand new Tip Tuesday!



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