Tip Tuesday: Wedding Photos

Hello loves!

Todays Tip Tuesday is a bit different than normal. It’s not beauty related, but since it’s wedding season I thought I’d share my tips on how to make the best of your wedding photos and be sure you get the shots you want.

  1. Go through websites like Pinterest to see creative photos or poses that you like. Save your favorites to show your photographer. Showing them may reveal a theme that you like, or a editing tool they could use.
  2. Make a list of the pictures you for sure want to have. For example, just you and your mom, if you have a special relationship with a grandma be sure your photographer knows to capture those moments, Brides side alone, groom and his parents, etc. you all get the idea:) Having a premade list makes sure nothing gets overlooked.
  3. Have a meeting with your photographer about a week before to go over any last minute things you think of.
  4. Always always have at least two photographers. That way you can have one focus on you and the other on your fiancé.
  5. Scope out locations with your family/fiancé to see where you may like your pictures to be taken if it’s at another location. (Zach and I had our wedding party pictures at a park while our guests enjoyed cocktail hour)
  6. Be sure your makeup is well set. Try avoiding SPF in foundation so you don’t have any flashback from the cameras.
  7. Do a first look. This is one thing I really wish we had done. I really wanted the first time I saw Zach to be when I was going down the aisle, but it would’ve saved a ton of time before and the pictures you get out of it are beautiful.
  8. Ask your parents if there are any pictures important to them. It may not be anything different than what you planned, but it’ll make them happy and feel involved.
  9. Don’t be afraid to speak up. They want you to be happy with your pictures and d you want to change something or add a photo tell them. These will be your pictures not theirs, they will understand:)
  10. Above all: Smile and be yourself. The more you can act like they aren’t focused on taking your picture the more natural you will look.

I hope this helped some of you out! Enjoy wedding season:) We are off to one ourselves this weekend and cannot wait to celebrate our friends!




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