Mandarie Mondays: Big Changes

Hello loves!

This weeks brings lots of changes. I’m starting training at my new job on Wednesday, and will be there Thursday and Friday for additional information as well. I am so excited to begin this new chapter:)

I will be still working for Clinique for about 2 weeks to give them a bit more time to hopefully find a replacement. However, those days I will be working around 12 hours straight, so I will be completely exhausted. 😦 I used to work just around 10 hour days at my old job and I would just collapse in a heap by the end of the day. Soooo we will see how this week goes haha

My grandma is doing okay this week. I dropped off some fudge for her last Wednesday from my cabin, and she just about squealed with glee:) It was such a wonderful feeling to make her that happy. It’s honestly the little things in life that makes us the most happy in my opinion.

That’s what I’m starting to appreciate about everything now–the small little moments that we sometimes don’t take enough time to treasure. The smile you get walking into your grandparents home. The hug your mom gives you multiple times in a visit. The little quirks that you’ve picked up from your parents. The laughter you can share with a friend after a long, hard day at work. They are all small things, but if you choose to focus on them it makes everything seem much better.

The other big change that is starting now is that I am going to be working hard to eat much healthier and work out more. I’ve gained weight this first year of marriage, and I’m not huge fan of it. By no means am I saying anyone who weighs what I do should diet, but when you’re only 5’2″ 5-10 pounds looks like a lot more than on someone who is much taller. Maybe I will log my food on here to keep myself accountable? I’m not sure yet…

Today is day 1 and I will be setting up the following rules for myself:
1. no pop
2. no candy
3. no fast food
4. stick to the amount of sugar suggested (only 25 grams a day
5. no eating late at night
6. pick a Tone it Up workout each day –if you haven’t checked these girls out look them up on YouTube. I really like all their workouts

Well I think that’s all for now! See you guys tomorrow:)


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