Mandarie Mondays: Family Updates

Hello my loves–

Today i wanted to use this post as a platform to not only update you all, but to allow myself to work through what’s going on and mentally process the changes that go along with all of this:)

So, if you guys have been watching our weekly vlog at all you will know that my grandmother has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. She is in her 80s and is a fighter for sure, but it’s really taking me time to adjust to this.

I think it is so interesting the stigma that comes with that word. Cancer. It’s almost like you can’t say it out loud without the whole room falling silent, and not knowing how to respond. In my opinion, the issue is that it causes people to accept that they are not immortal. It makes them face the reality that we are all living this short life here on earth, and we don’t get to decide when our time is over here. To be honest, that scares the crap out of me. For everyone who has been diagnosed, and for those of us who have had family members diagnosed, the news just hits you like a ton of bricks. You immediately are thinking, “Okay, what can we do about this? Is there treatment? How long is the life expectancy with this form? ….” There are countless questions that we all want answers to, but can really never have the answers to all of them.

So far, we are waiting for her to have another body scan to see if the cancer has spread to any other place in her body, or if it has just stayed in her lungs–which is what we obviously are hoping for.

Cancer shouldn’t be something that isn’t talked about. Cancer shouldn’t be something that we are all afraid of. We are so lucky enough to have brilliant doctors, amazing hospitals, and armies of people who will band together and support one another. That is exactly what my family is going to be doing. We are staying positive, supporting one another, and hoping for the best news after the scan.

I’m enjoying my day off today be deep cleaning our whole apartment:) Who else just all of a sudden gets in moods where everything needs to be perfectly clean and then you just feel all relaxed??

See you tomorrow for Tip Tuesday!



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