Tip Tuesday: Big Life Moments

Hello loves!

I know it’s Wednesday night, but I really wanted to get this up tonight as I was just thinking about this a lot.

This past few days has brought on two huge life changes for me. One: my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. Two: my brother decided to elope and didn’t tell us for 2 days.. Needless to say my brain has done a lot of processing lately.

This may not technically be a ‘tip’ exactly, but it’s life advice?? At first with both of these announcements I was completely shocked, not exactly sure how to respond, and very worried for what the next steps would be. I realized after a couple days of letting this all sink in that it was all going to happen the way its going to whether I was stressed, anxiety filled, and worried or not.

Just because I don’t want this to be happening to my Grandma doesn’t mean it will go away. Just because I wish I was able to be at my brother’s wedding doesn’t mean that I’ll get that opportunity back. Life changes are all about how we react to them. Granted, it took me a few days to get to this level, and I’m not the best at change, I really am able to better cope with things when I look at things this way.

Life will go on. New things will be thrown at us. Even if they scare us, worry us, cause anxiety. You don’t get moments back, so don’t spend them worrying about what could’ve been, or should’ve been.

Love your family. Love yourself. Most importantly allow yourself to process what’s going on and figure out what you really can and cannot control.

Next post will be the Couples 123 Tag that Zach and I did:) Can’t wait for you all to see!



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