Mandarie Mondays: Working to Live vs. Living to Work

Hello loves!

Today I wanted to write a post a bit different than I normally do. I wanted to pick a topic completely unrelated to beauty and just chat about it–I hope you enjoy! (I know it’s not Monday, I completely forgot to schedule this post earlier in the week..sorry!)

Something that I have really noticed working full time over the past few years is that there is this overwhelming sense of need to work every single day without exception. We all earn vacation time…some of us more regularly than others…but we eventually earn some. Then you get the exciting moment of seeing those paid hours available to use, yet you are nervous your boss will be upset that you would like a few days off. They normally treat it as this huge disservice to them that you want a few extra days to yourself. I so wish it was different though.

I want to be a part of a culture where we work to live our lives–to have our families be the most important thing to us, and work to spend time on deserved vacations.

Not working every single day just to be working. Is there even such a thing?

My honest nervous feelings about this all is when it comes to having a family of my own some day. I’m in retail now, and I don’t see how that will fit in with a family lifestyle. People I work with are single mothers and I hear constant stress about missing games, appointments, and just general time with their children. Granted, Zach and I aren’t planning on having children soon, but the expectations of retail aren’t always the easiest. It’s hard enough for us now trying to make it to Saturday weddings this upcoming summer.

This may turn into an even bigger rant if I continue, so I think I’ll leave it there for the night:) Do any of you have these thoughts, or is it different for you where you live?


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