Mandarie Mondays: Apartment Decor

Hello loves!

I had this whole weekend free from work so I set out to finish decorating our apartment–needless to say I didn’t get the whole place perfect in one weekend, but I added in a few new things that have really made quite a difference in my opinion:)

I’ve kept everything in our apartment very neutral and have loved how it looks so I want to keep that theme consistent as I add to it.

I hit up HomeGoods and Michael’s and got quite a bit for not much money which is always a bonus:)) Here is a look at what I got:

These first 3 are for up above my kitchen cabinets…one of the hardest places to decorate in my opinion:)

I thought this was the cutest set of little glass jars. My thought was Spring and Summer they could have flowers and replaced with something else for the Fall and Winter–suggestions are welcome!


This is technically a wine cooler, but the texture on it was just so pretty I kind of want it as a vase. It’s now holding the flowers that I haven’t found a place for yet. image I am going to have to get a better picture of this ice bucket in the daylight. I’m kind of in love:) image

I really wanted to add a girly touch to my nightstand without it being to large, as my nightstand is really small, and this case was perfect! It fits my neutral color theme and having the word “believe” there when I go to bed and wake up is a great reminder to believe in yourself and your dreams:)


I made this arrangement out of 6 cream roses and glass black beans on the bottom. I love short, fat flowers so this worked out perfect for me:)

I saved the best for last–in my opinion:) it’s hard to tell in this lighting but the glass is a bit see through so with a candle lit on the inside it’s even more beautiful. I have this set on the left side of my television and the flower arrangement is on the other.

These aren’t the best quality pictures, but I really wanted to get a post put on my blog tonight to get myself back on track. I love posting here and being creative, so I wanted to just dive back in!

Would any of you like a full apartment your? I’m getting it much more decorated so it would be more fun to see. Comment below if you’d like one!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



Updated Pictures:

image image image image image image image image


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